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As the post-election crisis simmered in the US, a nameless, faceless French programmer (identity withheld by the authorities) decided that the decline of the Western civilisation was inevitable and with his health deteriorating so before ending his life he would send his bitcoin savings to far-right pundits like one white-supremacist and holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and several creeps of the same order before ending his life. He posted his death note on his blog which had been dormant since (wait for it) 2014 and killed himself after sending out this money. Fuentes received 13.5 bitcoins (values at a time at approximately USD 250,000). Most of the rest of the 28.15 bitcoins went to 21 other bitcoin wallets owned by other far-right elements. One month later Fuentes would be seen taking an active part in the January 6 insurrection.

The most remarkable thing about this story is that it stinks to the high heavens. For instance one, why is it that authorities are withholding the identity of the far-right donor who is already dead? How many other terror financiers are extended this courtesy. Two, the nature of the original reporting. Research by Chainalysis, a cryptocurrency compliance startup, is referenced in the original Yahoo News story, and the said Yahoo News story is referenced in Chainalysis research. This ouroboros would suggest that certain law enforcement or intelligence agencies are on the trail and revealing this information to the journalist writing the story who in turn takes it to Chainalysis. But why not do it yourself instead of exposing a journalist to potential political consequences. And finally, since this report surfaced in the aftermath of 1/6 the trail seems to have gone cold. Either the intelligence agencies on the trail were too satisfied with the answer or then were too distracted (yeah right) by some factors to follow this through. But wait a minute. You don’t need to read too many spy history books or conspiracy thrillers to know that the whole story seems to be too contrived. A month before 1/6, an ailing computer programmer who incidentally has forgotten to update his blog since 2014 decides to take his life, is overwhelmed by his concerns about the allegedly declining western civilisation, looks into his bitcoin wallet flushed with cryptocurrency, and decides to send money to Nick Fuentes who has never received a donation bigger than two thousand dollars? Okay. The 1/6 commission since then has summoned Fuentes. We haven’t heard if either of the above-mentioned startup or reporter was summoned. The reporter later also filed a story questioning the bona fides of one staff member of the commission from the intelligence community.

The same report also mentioned two other names, malcontents of the same stock. Richard Spencer, the neo-Nazi who will live in infamy for his Heil Trump slogan and salute after the latter’s shock victory. The other name is of Andrew Anglin, the editor of Daily Stormer, an out-and-out neo-Nazi website. Anglin received USD 60,000 worth of bitcoins in 2017 according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Both these names are important.

Richard Spencer launched Alt-Right Corporation and the website AltRight.com with the Swedish far-right figure Daniel Friberg. Before joining Spencer, Friberg and his business partner John Morgan established a publishing company called Arktos Media and took their business to India. In India Morgan would convert to Hinduism, live in Hare Krishna Ashram, and help Friberg in making the far-right publishing business successful. All these details have been expunged from their Wikipedia pages but Benjamin Tietelbaum’s book War for Eternity would preserve all of this for posterity. Their four-year stay in India ended in (wait for it) 2014. These names are also linked to other far-right elements like Steve Bannon, Jason Jorjani (a white nationalist of Iranian origin) and Aleksander Dugin.

The Daily Stormer is important because despite being a neo-Nazi website in 2017 it placed Yair Netanyahu, son of the former Israeli PM, in its banner, calling itself his number one fansite. What? A neo-Nazi website/paper a fan of a Jewish premier’s son? Makes no sense, does it? But go back up and look at the year when its editor got $60k. Also 2017. When it comes to neo-Nazis Bibi and his son are a gift that keeps giving. They took steps down this slippery slope in opposition to the billionaire George Soros. But then it morphed into something else. Benjamin Netanyahu’s blaming of the Palestinian grand mufti for the holocaust, his alliance with various Christian Zionists, who want Israel to be fattened as a sacrificial animal to be slaughtered during the rapture and otherwise can’t stand Jews, all speak to what a great gift he was to the racist far right. His policies towards the African Jewish immigrants to Israel also speak of a colour bias. Meanwhile, some of the white nationalists like Jared Taylor, President of the New Century Foundation, now claim to treat the Ashkenazi Jews (European Jewry that looks and sounds white) as whites. Not all neo-Nazis agree though and you can tell it will end in tears.

I do not know to this day whether by the western civilisation Samuel Huntington actually meant only the whites or other colours too because his last book Who are we undermines the idea of a pluralistic western identity and the title of this book sounds eerily similar to William Luther Pierce’s Who we are. Yeah, the author of the Turner Diaries. Pierce’s website is incidentally where I first encountered Savitri Devi’s works, the European Nazi who went to India in search of a caste-based society. What she thinks of all Abrahamic religions will become clear when you read A Warning to the Hindus. She married a Brahmin during her stay in India. Another convert to Hinduism, who jumped on the Huntington train is one Vamadeva Shastri née David Frawley. Read his book Hinduism and the Clash of Civilizations to know how this bug got to this lot. Remember a caste-based world order is what the neo-Nazis now want. It requires a major disruption like another world war to bring about these changes.

Castes are important to them. Nothing else can give them an advantage in a fiercely competitive world. Isabel Wilkerson in her brilliant book Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents shows how racism is also a form of casteism. She explains how the eight pillars of casteism preserve this linkage. These eight pillars are: 1) divine will and laws of nature, 2) heritability, 3) endogamy, 4) concept of racial pollution, 5) occupational hierarchy, 6) dehumanization & stigma, 7) terror as enforcement and cruelty as means of control, 8) inherent superiority versus Inherent Inferiority.

If all of this doesn’t make it clear to you what awaits you, just read three books. Interrogating My Chandal Life: An Autobiography of a Dalit by Manoranjan Byapari and Caste Matters by Suraj Yengde. And of course Turner Diaries. You will be disabused of any delusions.

I highlight 2014 again and again because the invasion of Crimea wasn’t the only thing that happened that year. Modi rose to power in India. And a few months before that Ajit Doval went to Shastra university to pitch for a ten-year rule for the RSS-BJP. And also presented what he called the idea of defensive offence. I have written too much on this. Just look it up and connect all dots.

In my view, if a war between the US and Russia does not materialise then perhaps Iran or North Korea will spark something similar. Constant vigilance is needed.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 5th, 2022.

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